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Minister’s Burial Association

Ministers’ Burial Association provides an opportunity for the ministers of the Church of God (Holiness) to show love and concern to the family of their colleagues at the time of their death. All credentialed ministers of the COGH and their spouses qualify to participate in this program. Also missionaries serving under mission boards of the COGH qualify.

Presently, the death benefit is $1,000.00, which we understand may only be a fraction of the actual funeral expenses, but it is hopefully an expression of compassionate support at a time of great loss. Home Missions administers this program, sending $1,000.00 to the family of the deceased at the time of death. In July a letter is sent to the membership informing them of the deaths since the previous letter, and informing them of their portion of the contributions. The total amount of benefits paid is simply divided by the number of membership, thus arriving at the annual fee for that year.

A young minister might ask, “Is it a good investment?” If your question is, “Will I pay out more than I will receive in dollars?” Almost certainly you will pay out more than you receive! If your question is, “Will I have the privilege of encouraging my colleagues and their families when they are in a valley?” The answer is absolutely, “Yes!” To become a member simply notify the Home Mission office.

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