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The Church of God (Holiness) officially began working with the Navajo Indians in 1979 when COGH minister George Hanson requested the Home Mission board to administer the work he had begun. On the property known as “Grand Falls Indian Mission” there was a Trading Post, a church, and a Christian day school. Jack and Donna (Tripplet) Willis and Darla Wrightsman were involved in this first phase of the ministry. In 1980 the Home Mission Board appointed Jack and Patsy Smith as Directors of the Mission and they served until 1992. Calvin and Becky Bennett served in that position for several years following. In the middle 80’s the “Navajo Holiness Bible Institute” was developed; a pastoral/church leader training program using Theological Education by Extension curriculum. And more recently TFL or Training Faithful leaders was added to the efforts to develop a strong Native lead church. We now have 13 churches, all led by Native leaders. The churches gather together annually for the Navajo Convention. At the Convention in addition to “campmeeting” type services there is a business meeting and also a baptismal service.


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