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The ministry among Hispanics originally began back in the 1960s. We had a church in Eagle Pass, TX that was ministering to the Hispanics there, and also across the border in the Country of Mexico. In 1990 a new phase of ministry began when Rev. Julio Gonzalez became our Hispanic Director. He began an aggressive plan for church planting. As of 2008, there are now 11 Hispanic churches. There are at least 3 mission churches (or new church plants) in progress additionally in Houston, Texas. We also have a Bible Institute in Houston, Texas and a “mobile institute” that is taught by cassette tape to those that cannot attend the Houston Bible Institute.


♦ Los Angeles – Highland Park, CA
♦ Houston, TX
♦ Bellaire, TX
♦ Whittier, CA
♦ Pasadena, TX
♦ Seguin, TX
♦ Brentwood, NY
♦ Pamona, CA
♦ Jacinto City
♦ Dallas, TX
♦ Kansas City, MO
♦ Eagle Pass, TX

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