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Pastor Enock Lors immigrated to the United States from Haiti. He came alone and worked hard until he had enough money saved to send for his family. Soon afterward his thoughts turned toward the need his family had of a good church. At that time he contacted the Home Mission Department and stated he wanted to start a Haitian church in Brooklyn, NY. Pastor Lors was a highly respected COGH minister in Haiti, so was no stranger to the leadership in the States. In February of 1985 he began a house church, and shortly thereafter they began renting a building with the help of Home Missions. Today they own a three story building with a basement. The basement is used for Sunday School classes and fellowship while the ground floor is the Sanctuary. The Second story is the pastors apartment and the third story is another apartment. Sadly, Pastor Lors passed away in October of 2014, but we are so grateful that his son Jean Pierre capably stepped into his father’s footsteps and is passionately leading the church forward. This church aggressively reaches out to the Haitian community with many ministries and events throughout the year. A goal of this church would be to help plant other Haitian churches in that part of the country.

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