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The Church of God (Holiness) work in the Country of Mexico was pioneered by Rene and Lois Bardales. As a result of their sacrificial labors, a solid network of churches exist today. Their annual Conference is a time of rich fellowship and great Bible preaching. The Ciudad Victoria church hosts the Conference and a new dining room is under construction with the hopes of being able to use it for the 2009 Conference. A new ministry of our Mexican churches is the “Bardales Bible Institute,” named in honor of the pioneering Missionaries. During the 2008 Conference the new building was dedicated for the Bible Institute. The Director of the Bible Institute is Rev. Guatalupe Turrubiates, pastor of the Ciudad Victoria church, who also holds a Masters Degree from the University of Mexico. It is our prayer that this will be a training center for pastors, church planters, and other church leaders to give a bright future for the Mexican Church of God (Holiness). 


♦ Ciudad Victoria
♦ El Gallo
♦ Egido Piedras Negras (Coahuila)
♦ Ciudad Victoria (Colonia Sagitario)
♦ San Luis Potosi
♦ Ciudad Victoria (Colonia Matamoros)
♦ Parral, Chihuahua
♦ San Fernando
♦ Piedras Negras

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